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  • Looking for a woman to co-parent a child with.

    Geschrieben von twosome An 6 März 2017 bei 17:52

    I am looking for a woman who is interested in co-parenting.
    Preferably, someone living in Hamburg or in the northern part of Germany.
    I am open to discuss the method of conception with you.
    I have done all the required tests in a known fertility clinic in Hamburg and I have sperm already in the sperm bank of that fertility clinic ready.
    So, if both of us agree on artificial insemination (AI), IUI or IVF as method of conception that is also fine with me.
    I am also open to "natural insemination" (NI) as a method of conception on the condition that the woman should do all necessary tests required to certify that she is healthy and free from any genetic defects.
    I am German of African descent.
    I am well educated, have a well-paid full time employment and financially stable.
    I am absolutely heathy, athletically built, a non-smoker, non-drinker and I live a nutritionally conscious life.
    Above all, I am a good man who come from a very good family that I am always proud of.
    I wish that both of us would have equal parental rights and privileges; to raise and give our child love and support that he or she needs.
    I am willing, at any time, if required, to assume more responsibilities, in terms of space and time, and financially.
    I look forward to serious minded feedbacks from interested ladies who share same desire like me to have a child in a co-parental arrangement.

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